I had cashed in all of these blessings, all of this protection, this institution and community that God had given me to be safe in. And I exchanged that for what I wanted, for my selfishness.” – Chris Teague

You know, there is nothing better than a story of redemption. A story where God takes something that is broken and puts it back together to use it for His purposes. He transforms pain into purpose. And that is what today’s podcast episode is all about.

Several months ago, Mark and I did a video interview for our No More Perfect Date Night with Chris and Steph Teague, who make up the musical group Out of the Dust. Their story is a powerful story of redemption. It is one that, if you had witnessed it, you would have never guessed how it would end or how God would redeem it. And I know it’s a story that will not only encourage you in marriage, but also in life! Life is hard and we don’t always know where God can be at work behind-the-scenes.

In this episode, Chris and Steph openly and honestly share their story, how God redeemed their marriage after divorce, the process of rebuilding trust, and so much more. This is a powerful conversation, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) God can handle your doubts and frustrations. Sometimes it feels like we have to put on this mask of perfection. That is not a mindset or the type of faith that is in the Bible. God uses broken people all throughout Scripture! So while our humanity may tell us to hide our struggles from our spouse, friends, and God himself, that isn’t what God tells us to do. God wants to bear your burdens with you and help with your struggles and doubts, and He calls us to share that with those in our life as well.

2) “Forgiveness is commanded in Scripture, but trust is earned.” Whether you are the one whose trust was broken or if you were the one doing the breaking, you have to work to build trust back again. Consistent changed behavior over time equals trust. This isn’t a quick process.

3) God doesn’t always fully restore what was broken, but what He does restore is always enough. While Chris and Steph’s story ended with total restoration of their marriage and relationship with God, that isn’t the case for everyone. If you find yourself in a similar situation, know that the work God does in you is enough, is meaningful, and is worth it. You are not alone! (This is one of the reasons we created our The Wait Is Not Wasted Course!) 

About Chris and Steph Teague:

Chris and Stephanie Teague were both born and raised in Nashville, TN. They met on a mission trip to Pennsylvania, were high school sweethearts, and were married in college. This was the beginning of their journey through doubt, divorce, redemption, and hope. Today, they are able to use their musical talents to share songs of hope, joy, and redemption through their band, Out of the Dust.



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