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As you are looking to host a conference, retreat or other events, it is important to find the right speaker to present. Speakers come in all different shapes and styles so it is important to differentiate them and determine which one fits best with your engagement. It can be overwhelming to connect with the most experienced and professional speaker on the given subject but today I will share tips and tricks on finding the most amazing speaker for your event!

Jill Savage Speaking on StageWhat is a Christian Speaker for Women?

First of all, what even is a Christian Speaker for Women? Though the term seems easy to understand, it often gets confused with various other types of speakers. A Christian Women’s Speaker is a woman who has a goal to share their life experiences with other women and how God’s truth has can make a difference. These life experiences and insights are shared in order to encourage, empower and assist them in their relationships and struggles that are unique to women. A Christian speaker for women generally has a strong passion and gifting towards these unique circumstances, which allows them to help women grow in their faith, marriage, and motherhood.

How to find a speaker for an event

Determine your speaking needs

First, you will want to sit down with you and your team (if you have one) to determine what type of speaker that you are looking for. Think about the goal of the particular event and figure out what type of speaker fits best. For example: If a speaker is needed for a women’s retreat then you probably want a Christian female speaker. If the event were a Christian marriage coaching session then you would want someone with experience in that area. Whatever the event is, make sure to think through the needs of the audience.

Research speakers

After determining what type of speaker is needed for your engagement, you will next want to research to find the right one. Common ways to do this is to go online, talk to friends and colleagues or even looking on social media such as Facebook to find one is a great idea. Once you find a professional speaker, you will want to look through their website and/or social media pages to determine what type of speaker they are. Are they a speaker for women’s retreats or for marriage coaching? Make sure to look thoroughly through their personal “about me” page. You may also want to determine how knowledgeable on a certain topic they are. This can be done by seeing if the potential speaker is a published author, looking at their updated blog or even seeing if they have any helpful publications or free material that you can use. Overall, you want to make sure that the speaker is knowledgeable about the subject. In this case, you will want to see that the Christian female speaker is in a healthy relationship, is a credible source and is active in the Christian speaker community.

Contact the Speaker

Once you and your team determine the needs of your audience and goals for the events as well as have researched multiple speakers, you will finally want to contact this person. Many Christian Speakers are easily contacted via their website or social media. You will want to send an email, message or fill out a contact form on their website to easily get in touch with them. Be sure to explain your event, what it is, who the audience and any other details such as budget and location to be sure they get a full picture of the occasion. Many speakers have a specific type of event they would like to speak at so the more information the better!

Christian Women's Retreat Photo

What type of events do I need a Female Christian Speaker for?

Christian Speakers for moms, marriage, single women, etc. are hired for many different occasions from a women’s retreat to a Sunday morning church service–Mother’s Day is often a time when churches bring in a female Christian speaker. Most often, speakers of this type are booked to research, develop and present a speaking engagement about the practical needs of the audience. The audiences, mainly women, are brought together in the form of ladies conferences and retreats to grow their faith and hone their skills as a mother, wife or single adult. Any occasion can be a great time to book a professional female speaker.

Christian Speaker for Women Topics

Here are some popular resources to get a better idea of topics a Christian women speaker would present on.

What are the benefits of having a Christian speaker who specializes in women?

The question commonly arises as to why one would need to hire a specific type of speaker compared to having a member of the church or group do it? Though there are women in the church/group that would do a great job, there is something special and more meaningful when there is an experienced speaker in the room. Christian speakers are devoting their life to researching and learning about the individual needs on each audience and Christian women as a whole. Jill Savage, for example, has spent years speaking across the world, learning from many women, developing material, writing books, and even raising a family of her own! These lifelong experiences have been able to provide amazing insight into the community of Christian women all across the world.

If you have questions or would like to go deeper into this topic, please reach out! We would love to speak with you regarding your next speaking engagement!

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