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What is Marriage Coaching?

Marriage coaching is the process of counseling the individuals in a marriage in order to better manage frequent struggles of the relationship. This process requires one to recognize the current hardships of the relationship in order to, over time, mend the given issues. Having an outside coach to come in and provide an expert third-person perspective can provide life-changing insights on a marriage.

Why is Marriage Coaching Important?

Marriages are not always easy but they do not have to be a burden on one’s life. Marriage coaching cannot only improve a hurting relationship; it can also prevent a relationship from going downhill in the first place. Marriage coaching is important in order to take a step back and recognize the problems that are occurring and coming to terms with them. Marriage coaching will allow you to sit down with an experienced expert and have a personalized plan to improve your marriage.

What is the difference between Marriage Coaching and Marital Counseling?

In many cases, couples in a marriage can get confused on what help they want or need. When searching for help in a marriage, it is important to understand the difference in marriage counseling and marriage coaching. Though the definitions aren’t always clear depending on the source, below should clear up some confusion between the terms.

Marriage Coaching:

This process is more relational and personalized. Marriage Coaches often rely on years of personal experience and may or may not have formal education in the subject. Coaching is personal in regards to flexibility in meeting times; the coach is more focused on you and your spouse’s individual relationship. Instead of meeting in a formal office, coaches can meet in houses, coffee shops, online, etc. They make a strong effort to get to know you personally instead of labeling you into a specific group.

Marriage Counseling:

This process is often more formal, more intensive and clinical. Marriage counselors have formal education experience in related topics such as psychology, social work, etc. Counseling occurs in a formal office and has a regular meeting schedule. It is often seen as a more extreme treatment to a marriage because it deals with mending relationships after an event or occurrence (although coaching can do that as well). Because counselors have formal education and certification, they are able to treat problems with mental health and provide clinical solutions to the problems at hand.

Both marital coaching and counseling are valuable resources in a time of need in a relationship. It comes down to where you believe you and your spouse fit best. Some couples feel the need to get professional help with a full-time counselor and others like the personalization and more laid back process of coaching.

Is Marriage Coaching worth it?

Many couples say that their marriages are improved after working with a professional marriage coach. With the personalized counseling that you will receive, you will realize the weaknesses in your relationship and come to terms with them. One of the most important aspects in life is your relationship with friends, family, and your spouse. The earlier on in a marriage that you contact a coach, the quicker the common struggles will be identified and mended.

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What Should I do if My Marriage is Failing?

Being in a failing marriage is tough but there are steps you can take in order to improve your relationship with your spouse.

Take a Step Back and Identify the Problem.

Couples should first take a step back and identify where the problem may be. Often times, couples get overwhelmed in the moment and don’t take the time to slow down and see the big picture. Reacting on pure emotion in the moment can lead to actions that you will regret in the future and cause more issues in the relationship.

Take the Right Steps.

It is difficult to do the right thing, especially if you believe you were correct, but doing so is a good step in cleaning up a mess in a relationship. Everyone knows deep down the right steps to take, it is harder to act on them. Often times, relationships get sideways because both parties refuse to act in best interest of the relationship. Acting selfishly is the last thing you want to do in order to fix a marriage issue.

Ask for Forgiveness.

Only saying “I’m Sorry” isn’t enough in any relationship. You should apologize and then ask for forgiveness. Genuine apologies are often difficult but are also overlooked. Taking the step to gain forgiveness on an issue may not fix a broken relationship, but it is a good start.

Get Professional Assistance.

Married couples overlook getting outside help from someone because they believe they can handle it. Though it is encouraged to work out the problem(s) internally within the relationship, some problems can get worse if approached in this manner. Contacting an experienced marriage coach is key to fixing the relationship in the most efficient manner.

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