So many of you have walked through my breast cancer journey with me.  I am so grateful for your prayers, your encouraging words, and your efforts to cheer me on on the hard days!

I’m feeling more like myself every day.  Mark and I are eating clean (no preservatives, GMO’s, enriched/refined foods), I’m keeping my weight down, and I’ve started exercising again.

Those were my three assignments from my oncologist: 1) eat nutritionally healthy food, 2) keep my weight down, 3) exercise regularly.  I’m being as obedient as I can be!

The fun part of this season of recovery is my hair!  My hair is coming in so curly! I haven’t had it cut at all since it’s been coming in so I just had to share a pic with you of the “Before–During–After” hair transformation!


Now how fun is that?!

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