It’s no secret that mother-daughter relationships can sometimes be complex and challenging. Still, it’s also true that these relationships are some of the most important and defining in our lives. Whether your relationship with your mom is strong or strained, it’s natural to experience ups and downs. After all, we’re all human, and perfection is unattainable. However, with the right tools and understanding, we can work towards improving and strengthening our bond with our mothers.

To help us dive deeper into the mother-daughter relationship, I’d like to introduce Debbie Alsdorf. Debbie is an accomplished author, speaker, and coach for women and writers. She and her husband, Ray, live in Arizona and have raised a blended family of four children, who have blessed them with ten grandchildren. Debbie has written 14 books and curriculums and is well-equipped to offer guidance and insights on this important relationship.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The role a mother has in the development of their children
  • What kind of attitude we should have when seeking reconciliation
  • How to find healing even if our mother is gone
  • And more!

I hope this conversation is an encouragement to you today!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) We don’t look back to blame; we look back to understand. Seeking to understand your mother-daughter relationship should not come from wanting to “mom bash.” We must first understand that our moms are women just like us, and they likely did the best they could with the tools they had at the time. When approaching a conversation with your mom, start with an attitude that communicates that you love her.

2) Even if you had a good relationship with your mom, something might still be missing. We live in a broken world, and we are all broken people. Even if you had a good relationship with your mom, there could still be things that you struggle with and need to work through. God has designed the mother relationship to nourish us from a young age, celebrate us, guide us, and help us feel safe. Even the best moms sometimes miss the mark in one or more of these areas!

3) You can be who God wants you to be, even if your mom isn’t who you need her to be. You may have a mother-daughter relationship that feels beyond repair, or perhaps your mother is no longer on this earth. Regardless of the state of your mother-daughter relationship, you can still heal the wounds of the past. Some helpful first steps toward doing this are to seek out a mentor or counselor, write a letter to your mom, or pray for God to reveal to you the areas you need to work on.

About Debbie:

Debbie Alsdorf is an author, international speaker, mentor, non-fiction writing coach, and literary agent. Debbie has a mission to help women live a better story by understanding God’s love for them and the truth of His word. She lives in Arizona with her husband of 31 years, Ray, and their two crazy but loved dogs.




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