Yesterday we were discussing home organization in our Professionalizing Motherhood book study on Facebook.  It soon became obvious that home organization is a challenge for many of us moms.

176675453As a recovering messy myself, I have found one strategy that makes a HUGE difference in keeping things organized: DO IT NOW.

Truly, most disorganization can be traced to procrastination. These are the lies we tell ourselves:  I’ll do that later. I’ll just set this here for now.  I’ll deal with that later. I’ll take that upstairs later.  

And later rarely comes, because the clutter builds up and then we become overwhelmed and “later” takes hours to accomplish instead of seconds or minutes it would have taken if we’d done it right the first time.

If you are struggling with home organization, why not challenge yourself to give this one little tip a try! I’d love to hear about the results!

What about you? What organizational strategy has made a big difference for you?  

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