Do you ever find yourself feeling like you don’t measure up? Or like everyone else has it together, but you don’t?  Or that you lack confidence? Or even that you are jealous of others? These feelings are actually common and they are tied to insecurities in our heart.

My friend, Donna Jones, and I were recently talking about the many ways that insecurities show up in real life. We had such a good conversation that I knew we had to record a podcast about it! I first met Donna when she spoke at Hearts at Home. She is a pastor’s wife, host of the That’s Just What I Needed podcast, and author of three books including a book called Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God, which I had the privilege of endorsing.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The definition of insecurity and how this is likely showing up in your life
  • How social media perpetuates comparison culture
  • What steps to take to address a lack of confidence in your life
  • How understanding what God believes about you can help you change your beliefs about yourself

When we lack confidence, it bleeds over into every area of our life. This conversation is one you don’t want to miss.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Confidence, or the lack of it, affects each of us. Even if you consider yourself a confident person, we all have areas of our life where we are affected by insecurities. Whether you had a negative experience as a child or feel like you aren’t living up to your potential, your insecurities affect how you behave, which spills over to your relationships. When we feel insecure, we begin to operate out of fear rather than faith and confidence.

2) Consider how social media perpetuates your insecurities. When we feel insecure, that tends to present itself in the feeling that we are not enough or that we should be some better version of who we are. This plays out so often during our time on social media. I often say, “We can’t compare our insides to someone else’s highlight reel.” Our ability to find someone that has their life more “together” is unprecedented. As we battle insecurity, we should be wary of the role social media can take, as it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others online.

3) We should turn to God to affirm our identity. You have access to an identity apart from what you do or what you look like. Our confidence should come from God and who He says we are. You are a beloved child, you are redeemed, you are made perfect, and you are free. When insecurities creep in, take the time to pause and remind yourself who you truly are. Those insecurities will not disappear overnight, but over time they become smaller as we continue to look toward God’s truth. (Need help remembering who you are in Christ? Get my free screensaver for your phone here!

About Donna:

Donna Jones is a self-described Bible explainer. Her desire is not only to help listeners understand God’s Word, but to grasp how they can live it out in their daily lives. Donna is a speaker, pastor’s wife, host of the That’s Just What I Needed podcast, and author of three books including Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God. She’s a sucker for a strong cup of coffee and a pair of cute shoes. Donna is a mom to three young adult kids that she loves to chat with around their kitchen counter in California. Learn more at —




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