One of the ways we took care of our speakers at our Hearts at Home conferences was to provide them with their own PA—Personal Assistant.  This person helped them get to where they needed to be, always made sure they got their meals, kept them hydrated with water, ran back to the hotel room to grab a powerpoint remote left in a suitcase, and anything else the speaker needed. This freed up the speaker to be fully able to love on the moms they came to encourage.

My friend Bonnie has been my PA at Hearts at Home many times over the years. Even though we no longer live in the same city, sometimes she’d travel to help manage my book table and sometimes she was my personal assistant, making sure I got where I needed to go and had what I needed to have.

This past Sunday Bonnie’s daughter, Bekah, was married. Mark officiated the beautiful ceremony in Lake Mary, Florida and I got to be Bonnie’s P.A.!

As I served Bonnie on Sunday—helping with her hair and makeup, safety pinning her dress so undergarments didn’t show, helping decorate the facility, snapping pictures throughout the day so she’d have some on her phone, and helping to clean up and load the cars—I got to thinking about how important it is for the Mother of the Groom or the Mother of the Bride to have a personal assistant.

There are so many details when it comes to weddings and without someone to help, you can miss out on ENJOYING such a special day!

Your kids may be years from getting married. If so, just tuck this little piece of wisdom away for when you need it someday. Or maybe you’re like me and you have a wedding right around the corner! Just like the Bride has a Maid or Matron of Honor, you need the same. Who could you ask to be your helper for the day?

Bonnie and I have been “momming together” for 30 years! This past weekend was no different. We “mommed together” on Sunday as her youngest stepped into married life.

What a tangible reminder that we’re better together for sure!

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