Do you have something you find yourself complaining about a lot? Is there a stress in your life that doesn’t seem to go away?  Do you have one person who will be coming to Thanksgiving dinner that just grates on your nerves? How about a hard place in your life that brings about fear and anxiety?

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and that usually means family and food.  Today, however, I’d like to issue a challenge to you (and myself!) to turn the stressful into grateful. Turn the sad into glad. Turn the challenging into inspiring.

10613064_10153298089581165_4540204373576835582_nWe can do that by thinking about how the hard thing brings something positive to our lives. Here are some examples:

God, thank you for the laundry. Even though I never feel that I can get on top of it, the fact that I have laundry means we have clothes to wear.

Lord, you know that it never feels like I can make my boss happy. As hard as it is to work in that environment, I’m grateful for a job that helps provide for my family. 

Father God, you know that Uncle Thomas is coming to Thanksgiving. You also know that he grates on my nerves with his loud voice and foul mouth. I’m grateful that I have family and I ask that you help me to see Uncle Thomas as the insecure, hurting person that he really is deep down inside. 

Lord, you know this cancer diagnosis isn’t what we wanted to deal with during the holiday season. Thank you for life. Help me to see the places I too often take for granted. 

When you and I are able to switch our perspective, we exercise our grateful heart.  This strengthens our ability to appreciate what we have and increases our sense of contentment.

And that’s something we can all be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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