Austin holding his nephew Landon.

My 5th child, Austin, will turn 16 tomorrow. Happy (early) Birthday, Austin!

Austin brings so much joy to our lives and music to our home. He and friends Mitchell and Jake spent hundreds of hours writing and playing music this summer. In addition to singing and writing music, he plays piano, electric bass, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. He’s teaching himself mandolin and viola and taking voice lessons.  You can hear one of his “spoken word” songs here.

Austin took this of his niece, Rilyn.

Austin also loves photography. He got a nice camera for his birthday last year and has been pursuing the art of photography.  I love some of his pictures…if you’re interested you can see them here.

Austin may be the “baby” of the family, but he’s always tried to keep up with his brothers and sisters. He’s done a pretty good job of that and now he loves being a “hands on” uncle. When Rilyn leaves our house, she wants a constant playmate at home after she’s had a “Uncle Austin” as her playmate for a few days!

Austin loves his routine…in fact, you don’t want to mess with his routines. He’s an introvert and values his “alone time.” He is spreading his leadership wings and is occasionally leading worship on Sunday mornings.  When he’s not leading, he’s usually playing some instrument on the worship team.  If we even talk about being gone for a weekend, Austin protests….he doesn’t want to miss being on the worship team!

Austin’s also an avid biker. He rides his bike to school nearly every day in the fall and spring. In May, he helped organize his high school’s first ever “National Bike To School” day complete with a police escort!

Do you have five or more kids?  I’d love to hear about each of them today!  Do me a favor….if you have more than five children, share about each child in separate comments. They deserve their own “love fest” and it’s good for you to think of them individually. (If you are reading this in email, you can leave a comment here. Simply click and then scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on ‘comments’ to share!)

I’ve loved sharing with you this week and I’ve loved hearing from you this week! Some of you have even sent pictures on Twitter and Facebook and I’ve love seeing them!  Thank you for being your child’s cheerleader!

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