The Ultimate List of Movie Ideas for Families With TeensSo I had a reader ask about a list of movies to watch with their teens. I decided to crowdsource a list from the moms on my Facebook page. The list below is cultivated from that Facebook conversation! (Some of these may be appropriate for younger kids but you’ll need to do the research on that.)

Now I have to enter a disclaimer: This list was curated from mostly Christian moms on Facebook. If extra info was offered, we included it. We have not vetted each movie ourselves plus we know each family has their individual standards. We highly suggest checking movie reviews at before turning something on to watch with your family.  (If you discover a movie that you feel should be removed from this list, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you!)

Disclosure: the links below are affiliate links, you can read my disclosure policy here.

FYI: I’ve highlighted movies that we have watched and can vouch for. I’ve also included links to any movies available on Amazon. If you have Netflix or any other channels or streaming services, you might check to see if the movie you’re choosing is available there too! If you’d like to print out or save this list on your computer or phone, you can do that here.

Now pop some popcorn and enjoy!