On our recent road trip I discovered a couple of apps that made travel so much easier!

rest areaThe first was Rest Area Finder.  If we needed to make a potty stop, the first thing I’d do is look at how close the next rest area was. This helped us know whether to exit and find a gas station or wait a couple of miles and hit up a rest area.

images (1)The second app that was incredibly helpful was a historical marker app called Markers. Yes, I’m one of those people who loves to stop at every historical marker along the way! Mark accommodates my requests, but it drives Austin nuts. I was soooo excited to find this app because I could read what was on the historical marker while we were driving! No stopping needed!

wagonI also learned to look ahead at the markers on our route to discover if there was a real need to stop.  As we were driving through Wyoming, I looked ahead and discovered a historical marker that said, “This is where the Oregon Trail crossed Wyoming. Just beyond this sign you can still see the ruts in the ground made by thousands of covered wagons heading west.”

After reading that I promptly announced that we were stopping at the next marker.

Even a grumpy teenager thought the covered wagon ruts were pretty cool.

What about you? If you have a smartphone, what smartphone apps have you found helpful when traveling? 

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