146864508I once heard Sally Clarkson speak at one of our Hearts at Home conferences and she made a suggestion I’ve taken to heart several times since then. 

Sally suggested that every six months, it’s a good idea to take a look at your life, and see what adjustments are necessary. Evaluation is good for the soul and helps us stay on track with what we really want for our life and our family.


Here are the questions Sally suggested:

1) What am I doing that is causing stress in my family?

2) What am I doing to please others that doesn’t propel my own life plan for myself and my family?

3) What character issues do my children need to work on?

4) What image of God do I want my children to have? Since they are deeply interrelated, what image of God am I projecting to my children?

5) What should I change?

Once you have your answers, setting a goal and timetable for any adjustments is important.  This assures that the change will happen and you’ll more likely stay on track for what you really want for your family.

What about you? Do you do any type of evaluation on a regular basis? Would you add any questions to this list? 

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