woman prayingSometimes less is more. 

That can even be true with prayer.

Sometimes it’s the simplest prayers that can be the most powerful.

Here are four short, but powerful prayers to pray:

More of you, Lord. Less of me.

This prayer based upon John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less,” is a reminder that we need to respond in God’s ways than in the ways we “feel” like responding. Jesus led the way with love, grace, and forgiveness. He responded to temptation with Truth. He exhibited self-control. When there’s more of God and less of me, we’re becoming more like Jesus in the way that we respond to our spouse, our kids, and the world around us.  Additionally, the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If you desire any of those (and most of us do!), they are the result of more of Him and less of us.

I Forgive…

If we’re living with other people, forgiveness likely needs to happen dozens of times a day because our “imperfects” so easily bump into each other. Forgiveness is a choice and it keeps our heart uncluttered and available to God. It’s what keeps us from becoming bitter and harboring anger. “Lord, I forgive my husband for forgetting to run that errand.” “Lord, I forgive the kids for being so needy today.” “Lord, I forgive my daughter for the hurtful words she spoke.” If we forgive, it doesn’t mean we can’t address the hurt. It simply means we’ll approach our loved one with a heart of forgiveness rather than a heart of hurt, anger, and bitterness.

Lord, may I see with Your eyes.

Jesus saw the woman at the well. He saw Zaccheus up in the tree. He saw his mother as He hung on the cross. Sometimes our pace of life, our “to do” list, our fears, and our self-focus keep us from seeing others and the hurt they’re carrying. It might be our spouse, it might be one of our kids, or it might be a friend or family member who desperately needs to be seen. Asking God to help us have His eyes, keeps us looking beneath the surface of those we love and those whose paths we cross. Sometimes we also need to see ourselves through God’s eyes.

I surrender. I let go.

Control keeps us in the drivers seat. Surrender puts God in the driver’s seat of our life.
Worry is the worship of our circumstances. Surrender is the worship of our God who can do something about our circumstances.
Fear is the focus on what might happen. Surrender is focusing on God being bigger than whatever might happen.
When we really surrender, we’re telling God that we believe He knows the way better than we do. We’re saying that we trust that He has our best interest at heart. We’re expressing our desire that Jesus will not just be our Savior, but also our Lord.

What about you? Are there any short but powerful prayers you would add to this list?