Did you know that “mom brain” is a real thing? It’s true! On an even deeper level, mom fatigue syndrome is real, it’s pervasive, and it creeps into every facet of a mom’s life.

My guest, Hannah Keeley, has spent over 2 decades studying the brain and discovered that researchers have literally found differences in brain scans of women before and after they had children. However, moms continue to use coping methods that do not work with the way their brain is now wired. Hannah has discovered a path to get out of the “mom fog” and she is here to lead the way!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What it means for “mom brain” to kick in after having children
  • The importance of leveraging your newly-wired brain rather than fighting it
  • Why experiencing deeper joy as a mom is more about what we believe than the strategies we try to implement

What Hannah and I talk through in this episode is so important, and I hope it’s an encouragement to you today. You are not in this alone, my friend!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Moms are keeping track of a lot. When you become a mom, you actually develop a higher cognitive awareness field. That means you are watching and scanning your surroundings for anything that may pose a threat to you or your child. Because we have a heightened awareness of our surroundings, we often misplace objects or subconsciously do things to mitigate danger. This serves us well when it comes to protecting our children, but it changes the way our brains process the world.

2) You can’t simply adopt a new strategy; you have to address your thoughts. The reason you can’t simply adopt a new strategy is that your brain is wired differently, and most strategies don’t address the underlying beliefs you may hold about your life. Too often we turn to strategies as some “miracle cure” that will swoop in and fix all our circumstances if we can just stick with it long enough. However, until we address our negative core beliefs and can say, “I am safe to let this go and still get my needs met,” no strategy in the world will be effective.

3) Extend grace to your past self. We can often look at all the ways we are failing as a mom. The laundry is piling up, the floors haven’t been clean in weeks, and we feel like we are barely keeping it all together. We can feel like we should have done better, but the truth is that we can extend grace to our past and present selves. You have done the best that you could with what you had at the time and you are exactly where you are supposed to be today. Joy and fulfillment starts with accepting that truth.

About Hannah:

Hannah Keeley is a wife, mom of seven children, author, speaker, and master life coach that combines faith and neurological science to help moms create radical transformation in their lives. After having a few of her own children, Hannah found herself overwhelmed, deep in debt, surrounded by clutter, and crying over a pile of clean laundry. She knew something needed to change and decided to do something about it! After studying the Bible and the brain, Hannah developed coaching strategies to help herself and other moms. Learn more at https://hannahkeeley.com/ —





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