A heads-up: As the title of the episode suggest, we’ll be talking openly about sex in this conversation. If you’re around little ears in any way, you’ll probably want to use headphones. 🙂

Are you and your husband at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to sexual desire? Do you argue over the frequency of sex? Is physical intimacy the last thing on your priority list but you don’t know how to even start making a change? If so, today’s conversation is for you.

Last year I did a Facebook study of my book, Is There Really Sex After Kids? We had several hundred women in the study and to supplement what we were reading, I invited a few experts to do some Facebook LIVE interviews in the group. And wow…did we have some INCREDIBLE conversations!

Today’s episode features the conversation I had with Dr. Jennifer Degler, one of our “sexperts.” Dr. Jennifer’s interview was a favorite one in the study so I’m sharing it here on the podcast so you can benefit from it too!

love the practical, open, and honest approach Dr. Jennifer brings to the topic of sex, and I look forward to hearing what your takeaways from this conversation are!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Is There Really Sex After Kids? by Jill Savage

FREE Dare of the Month from CWIVES

Dr. Jennifer Degler’s Website

My Key Takeaways:

1) Most women have to come to terms with the fact that they’re in “neutral” sexually. I love how Jennifer affirmed that it’s normal for many women to have what’s called a responsive sex drive. It’s important for us to understand how we’re actually wired in order to limit frustration and increase our sexual response.

2) When wives settle for the idea that sex is just for their husbands, their sex life is limited. This is such an important shift for so many women, and one that took me years to really understand. Dr. Jennifer shares, “We have to take more responsibility for our own pleasure.”

3) “This is an area that all of Heaven is on your side.” Sex is an area of a marriage that can often contain inhibitors, hurt, and pain that needs healing. (As infidelity is a part of our story, I really do understand the hurt and healing piece!) But God is on your side, and He desires for you to have a passionate marriage, and sex is a crucial piece of that.

About Jennifer:

jennifer-degler-headshotPsychologist, life coach, author, speaker, wife, and mom, Dr. Jennifer Degler is passionate about helping people create healthy, successful relationships. You won’t find her in a coffee shop (she thinks coffee tastes like dirt), but you are likely to find her kayaking and hiking with her high school sweetheart husband, Jeff, as they enjoy their newly empty nest. Jennifer is the Founder of CWIVES, a ministry to help Christian wives make their sex lives sizzle. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and her website!


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