ThinkstockPhotos-452416919Mark: Did you know that if you divorce and hire a divorce lawyer you’ll spend $250-$400/hour?  Do you know the average marriage counselor costs about $100/hour and many offer sliding scale fees based upon income?

Jill: Why are so many of us willing to put the money out for divorce, but consider “marriage counseling” or registering for a marriage conference, or doing a weekend getaway something we just “can’t afford?”

Mark: Marriage requires investment. Investment of both time and money. How are you investing in your marriage?

IMG_0768Jill: On Wednesday of this week my mom and dad will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary.  I remember when I was small, my parents didn’t hesitate to take time for the two of them. When they would go out for an evening they’d have our favorite sitter take care of us or we’d go to one of our grandparents for the evening.  I also remember my mother accompanying my dad on several business trips so they could have time together without kids. It didn’t hurt me to see that…it helped me!  I felt safe and secure knowing that mom and dad loved each other and took time for each other.

Mark: Last week Jill and I took some time for just the two of us. We have some set aside in Feb and March too. It’s so important to step away from the everyday and just spend time with each other. Maybe it’s a date night every other week, or an overnight once every few months, or a few days away once a year. Maybe it’s having the kids go to grandma’s once a month and just waking up in your own home without kids. Maybe it’s trading sitting with another couple.

Jill: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Mark: We’re planning for 55 years and beyond. Want to join us? What are you doing to intentionally invest in your marriage?

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