My youngest daughter, Erica, is a just a year into her mothering experience. She’s an at-home mom trying to find her way into new friendships with other moms.

115922307The other day she was at a park where she struck up a conversation with another mom. They enjoyed a lengthy visit while their little ones enjoyed the park.  Erica later asked me about the best way to turn an encounter like that into a possible friendship.  I suggested that she simply say, “It’s been great to visit with you. Would you like to exchange numbers and meet at the park sometime again?”

Sometimes you’ll get a yes and sometimes you might get a no.  And honestly, sometime you might get a yes, but when you text or call to inquire about a play date you might not get a response. Anytime you’re pursuing friendship, you’re always risking rejection. It’s part of the journey.  But if you don’t risk reaching out, you also miss out on possible friendship opportunities.

So how about you?  How have you turned a chance encounter into a friendship?  What advice would you have given to Erica? 

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