Question: What happens when the Perfection Infection invades your parenting?
Answer: Your kids feel they can never live up to your expectations. They’re worried about disappointing you and keeping you happy. They feel corrected by you a lot but not connected to you like they long for.

This is a weight no one should carry.

The Perfection Infection can invade your parenting at any stage of the game–when your kids are under your roof and even when they’re grown and gone.

However, it’s never too late to kick the perfection infection out of your parenting…and if you do, you’ll find yourself more connected and tuned into your child’s heart and dreams.

In Episode 11 of the No More Perfect Podcast, I share how I kicked the Perfection Infection out of my parenting by applying the antidotes of compassion, love, acceptance, and perception. (Plus you’ll learn what Dr. Kathy Koch and I discovered AFTER the No More Perfect Kids book came out!)

I share mistakes made and changes that have transformed my relationship with my kids. If you are a parent–no matter the age of your child–this episode is for you!

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