Do you have someone in your life who’s difficult to love?

It might be a sister-in-law, a sibling, a friend, neighbor, or co-worker. It could be a hard family season and your hard-to-love person is your spouse or even one of your children.

When our marriage went through a terrible crisis and my husband was unfaithful, God took me on a journey to love deeper than I’d ever loved before. You see, I knew how to love someone who was loving me but I didn’t know how to love someone who being unkind and wasn’t loving me back.

When I begged God for direction in how to handle my relationship with my husband, he initially gave me one marching order: I want you to love him.

I protested to God that He didn’t know what He was asking! Of course, He reminded me that He had gone first. He loves us when we’re unlovable.

God eventually led me to Romans 12: 9-21 and that truth became the direction I needed. In this episode, I walk through Romans 12 and what I learned from it. Romans 12 shows us how to be unoffendable and how to give what I call “unhumanable” love.

Ready to love deeper? Listen in and expand your understanding of love!

Resources mentioned in this Episode:

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