We chose her because we figured someday she’d be a mom.

That’s only appropriate for a bunch of leaders in a mom ministry, right?

1While many of our families sponsor children, seven years ago, the Hearts at Home team decided to pool our resources and sponsor a child together. One of our volunteers wrote to her regularly and shared her pictures, drawings, and letters as they arrived.

This is the first picture we ever saw of Theresia (pronounced Ter-ra-see-a).

She lived with her grandmother and two younger siblings for many years.

We were notified by Compassion when her grandmother died and Theresia and her brother and sister were then living with their mother once again.

2She drew us pictures…many that we still have.  She shared scripture with us in each letter. She told us about her life and her family.

In her letters, we learned that she loved art and memorizing scripture was very important to her.

14We sent money for birthdays and Christmas. Not much—$25  buys a lot in a third-world country.  Compassion always sent a picture of Theresia with whatever the money we sent had bought.  This picture on the right is one of my favorite pictures of her with a suitcase and outfit that had been purchased for her from a gift we sent.

We’ve watched her grow into a beautiful young woman over the years. She just graduated from the Compassion program and is now working at a hotel.

Compassion fed her body and her soul while she was growing up. Her life was changed because of our sponsorship through the Compassion International ministry.

Our lives were also changed because of our sponsorship, too. We thought outside of ourselves. We introduced Theresia to our children who would come into the Hearts at Home office with us and see a framed picture of her on a bookshelf.  We learned about another part of the world. And we were reminded that people are people no matter where they live.

Today we get to meet Theresia…face to face.  I can’t wait to share that experience with you on the blog tomorrow!

I need ask…once again…are you praying?  Are you asking God what He wants to do in you and through you during this trip?

I can’t wait to hear YOUR story!

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