downloadAs I shared with you last week, I have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania with Compassion, International.

I’m leaving today.

I’m not ready.

I’m not ready to leave my family.

I’m not ready for 20 hours on an airplane.

Even more than that, I don’t know that my heart is ready.

I remember my tears at witnessing poverty like I’d never seen it before when I traveled to El Salvador five years ago.  I don’t know if I’m ready for that again.

But I am willing.

I’m willing to let God lead. I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone. I’m willing to see how God wants to use this trip.

Are you?

Will you pray how God wants to use you this week during my trip?  Will you travel with me via the blog? Will you share the posts with your family so they can learn about another part of the world, the struggles of poverty, and how they can help? Will you pray about how God might use you?

Here are some ways you can be involved this week:

1) Pray for the team who will be stepping out of their comfort zone to bring encouragement to moms in Africa.  There are four of us moms from Hearts at Home going and two staff members from Compassion, International.

2) Pray about sponsoring a child this week. There are thousands of children waiting to be sponsored.

3) If you are already sponsoring a child, consider adding a second child, or use this trip as a reminder to pray for and write to your child.

4) If you’d like to receive the posts by email every day, you can subscribe at (If you currently receive my blog posts by email, you will receive all of my Africa posts by email.)

5) Consider sponsoring a child that shares a birthday with your child or is from a country where your child is learning the language. These are great ways to connect your family to another family in another part of the world.

6) Share the trip with your family by looking at the posts together every day and talking about how much we have and how we can share it with others.

7) Follow the trip through Instagram: @heartsathome @jillybean64

 How will you let God use you?

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