Every mom does it.

We focus on “what could have been” or “what we wish we had” instead of finding joy and contentment in our real life, our real house, our real kids, our real husband, and our real circumstances.

While we’re looking for what we don’t have, we miss what we do have!

Then we compare our messy insides to other people’s cleaned up outsides.  Most of the time, we come up short in those unfair comparisons.

“I bet her marriage isn’t falling apart.”
“She’s so put together. I’m sure she doesn’t struggle with self-esteem.” 
“She speaks so quietly to her kids. I bet she never yells.”

We compare our real life to the masks that other moms wear. We fall short of the expectations we place on ourselves.

I believe it’s time to stop. Stop judging ourselves. Stop judging others.

It’s also time to start. Start seeing ourselves and others through God’s grace. Start celebrating who we are, not regretting who we aren’t.

Here at Hearts at Home we believe this is a message every mom needs to hear.  When the No More Perfect Moms book releases next week, we want to put it in the hands of every mom we can.

What’s the best way to do that?  Maximize her investment to the fullest!  In order to do that Hearts at Home and Moody Publishing have put together a package of resources of incredible value to moms.

So how does it work?

Purchase  No More Perfect Moms anytime next week between February 3-9 (online or at a store…and yes, electronic versions such as Kindle and Nook count too!) Send a copy of your receipt to a special email address that I will post on Monday.  Scan it, take a picture of it – just be sure to send it to the email!

You’ll be given access to well over $100 worth of resources that will help you on your mothering journey – absolutely free!

What will you receive?


6 Sixty Minute Audio Workshops (MP3 format) from Hearts at Home

  • Desperate for Wisdom – Dr. Juli Slattery
  • How to Fight for Your Marriage – Dr. Juli Slattery
  • It is Well with Your Soul – Jennifer Rothschild
  • Multiple Intelligences: How Are My Kids Smart? – Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs – Jill Savage
  • The God Who Sees You- Tammy Maltby

4 Printables from Hearts at Home

  • 10 Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs
  • “Love Is”–I Corinthians 13 for Parents
  • Mom Rules
  • How to Fight Fair In Marriage

3 Free E-book’s (including PDF, Kindle, iPad, and Nook editions!) from Moody Publishers

1 Contest Entry

You will be entered in a drawing to win hotel accommodations and two Hearts at Home Mom Conference registrations for you and a friend at a conference of your choice! (If unable to attend a conference, a Hearts at Home Conference To-Go will be substituted for the winner and a friend.)

This offer is available for next week only (Feb 3-9)! I’ll remind you next week about this, but I wanted you to be among the first to know about the great bonuses available next week!

You can find more info about the book and about the bonuses over at www.NoMorePerfectMoms.com!
Oh and if you live in Central Illinois, I’d love for you to join us at the Book Release Party this Friday morning, 9-11am, at Calvary United Methodist Church in Normal!

I’m so excited!!! I’m doing backflips in my heart (because there’s no way this body could ever really do a backflip in real life!)

Happy Wednesday!

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