After the webcast, I promised to continue the marriage discussions on my blog. But life got the better part of me and the Hearts at Home conference was right around the corner, so we haven’t been talking about marriage like I’d hoped to.

Today, I’d like to launch into a marriage discussion. I’ve found three posts on other blogs I’d like to ask you read and consider. I think their perspective is fabulous! These deal with the physical side of marriage and I believe they are a perspective that we don’t hear very often.

Take a few minutes to check out these:

Thanks to Lawana for pointing me to these great posts! Now I’d like to hear about your thoughts on the subject. Have you ever considered what she says about modesty and immodesty?

While you’re reading, Mark and I will be enjoying a little 36 hour getaway in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. If you don’t have a marriage getaway on your calendar, I want to encourage you to get that on your radar screen!

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