Welcome to another bonus episode of the podcast! Mark and I like to share these bonus episodes every once in a while, and their purpose is to give you some quick encouragement and support that you can apply to your life.

In this episode, we want to share something with you called “Impact Over Intent.” This is a huge issue for relationships that can cause us to communicate defensively instead of empathetically in how we are communicating with our spouse, family member, or anyone in our life.

Whether you have a misunderstanding in your relationship or when communicating with someone is hurting, we often unintentionally focus on our intent, trying to explain why we said what we did. All the while, we miss how those comments landed on that other person’s heart, and we miss the opportunity to be understanding to the hurt they are experiencing as a result of how what we said was received.

Thank you for being part of the No More Perfect community. We hope this episode is helpful!

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