Do you feel like you’re always falling short? Struggle feeling like you’re not enough? Wondering why others have some of the things in life that you really want? If so, you just might be comparing.

Comparison breeds discontentment. It robs us of peace. It steals our hope.

This is what we tackle on Episode 12 of the No More Perfect Podcast and the conversation is richer because Shannon Popkin, author of Comparison Girl, joined me!

I first wrote about comparison in No More Perfect Moms. It’s a subject I’m passionate about. That’s why when I learned that Shannon had some unique things to say about the topic, I knew we had to have a conversation! It was an important one you don’t want to miss.


We talked about the fact that we can compare in two directions–one where we come out better than someone else and one where we come out worse than someone else. When we compare “up,” we experience jealousy. When we compare “down,” we experience disgust.


Shannon reminds us that Jesus was always interacting with people comparing themselves, but he never said, “Just stop comparing!” Instead He turns it upside down and changes the focus to serving. Imagine two glass measuring cups sitting side by side. When we look at what’s inside each cup and how it relates to the lines, we compare. When we forget the lines and look at the spout–pouring out what’s inside, we serve.


Challenging us to “Me-free living,” Shannon casts a vision that we can learn to live in a world that allows people to have more than I do. She reminds us that comparison divides. She helps us learn how to recognize that when the quiet voice telling us to compare, or telling us that we are not enough is there, we can actually start changing it’s power.


Shannon gives us so much to think about and three very important questions to ask ourselves to stop comparing:
  • Am I just too focused on myself?
  • How can I be vulnerable in this struggle?
  • Who can I serve today?

This is a rich conversation that promises to change your perspective and help you experience a freedom you might not even realize you need. You can listen wherever you listen to podcasts or right here on the blog!

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Comparison Girl by Shannon Popkin
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No More Perfect Moms book
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About Shannon

Shannon Popkin is a wife, mom, writer, speaker, and Bible teacher.

She shares life with Ken, her husband of 23 years and her three kids. Shannon combines her gifts of humor and storytelling with her passion for Jesus and the truth of God’s Word.

You can find Shannon online at her website or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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