This is an open invitation to all the “Over” moms: Over-whelmed, Over- worked, and Over-It! If that’s you, October 26-27 is just for you! You’ll recharge your mom batteries, refresh your soul, and re-ignite your vision for your motherhood journey!

The Mom Getaway Day will help you step away from the everyday to focus on the twelve roles that our homes play in our lives. Have you ever noticed that your home is a safehouse, a rest area, a trauma unit, and a church? It’s also a pep rally, research lab, school, museum, playground, business office, hospitality house, and cultural center!

Part workshop, part self-reflective retreat, part super-sized moms group, Mom Getaway Day will help you explore each of these roles and set a direction for yourself and your family. 

JJ Heller’s music will touch your heart and soul, reassuring you that you’re not alone and providing the hope you desperately need as a mom.

Speakers Jill Savage, Susan Seay, and Suzanne Phillips will bring encouragement that’s filled with both humor and hope. You’ll also have opportunities to learn from other moms as well as times of reflection to hear God’s voice and apply the concepts to your own life.

The marketplace expo will introduce you to some wonderful mom resources and let you get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

Tickets are available through October 12.  Don’t delay…grab a friend or two or three, get your tickets, and make plans to get away!

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