NMPK Cover with Chapman nameI’m so excited about No More Perfect Kids, the second book in the “No More Perfect” series that just released!

There are three reasons I’m so excited about this book:

1) I believe it is incredibly empowering to parents! That’s right…not just moms…both moms AND dads!  No More Perfect Kids equips you to embrace the child you have and to celebrate how God has created them.  It’s practical and inspiring all at the same time.  (You can read the first chapter online, if you’d like!)

2) I want you to be able to benefit from Bonus Week. If you pick up the book this week, you can receive an additional $100 worth of parenting resources!  You can find the details on NoMorePerfect.com.

Sign-up-HAH-FB-Study3) We’re offering a free Facebook study of No More Perfect Kids April 1-May 27!  We will read one chapter a week, watch the video, and discuss the concepts in the chapter.  You can participate on your own time and in your jammies if you want!  This is a study you can also do with your husband if he would be interested! You can join the Facebook group anytime between now and when the study starts, but you’ll want to pick up the book this week to get the Bonus Offers!

Here are some online places you can pick up the book:

With the new book, the Bonus Offers, and the free Facebook study, it’s like Christmas in the middle of March!  I’m so excited and I hope you are too! 

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