I’m so excited! We’ve been working on something for you for the past few months and it’s finally ready!  You’ll find it at www.NoMorePerfectMoms.com!

This is the online headquarters for the No More Perfect Moms book that will be out in February.  But it’s even more than that!

We’ll be adding additional elements to the website in the coming months, but there are a two parts of the site I want you to know about now!

First, there’s the 31 Day No More Perfect Moms email challenge.  Sign up today to receive an easy to read, but power packed daily challenge in your inbox during the month of January.  It will be a great way to start the new year!

Second, there’s the “Don’t buy this book now” information.  I do want to put the book in your hands…but I want you to get more than just the book!  Here is where you’ll find out the benefits of waiting to order the book the week it releases!

Once you’ve signed up for those two things, wander around and find some of the other elements.  There’s a place to read true stories of other imperfect moms and for you to share your own No More Perfect Mom story!  There’s also a page that will feature the videos we filmed last week.  They will be free along with a leader’s guide and additional resources!

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the No More Perfect Moms website, I’m giving away four more opportunities to be a pre-reader of the book!  Simply leave a comment and share how you are an imperfect mom to enter the drawing! I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday!

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