Having cancer makes you look closely at what you put in your body.  Just a little over six years ago my breast cancer diagnosis started me on a clean eating journey. Once my treatment was over, my oncologist told me I had three jobs:

      1. Keep my weight at a healthy BMI.
      2. Exercise daily.
      3. Eat nutritionally.

I’ve worked hard on doing all three.

I’ve focused quite a bit on what I put IN my body and I’ve shared many “Fantastic Food” posts over the years to encourage others in the healthy eating journey.

I’ve also focused on what I use AROUND my body by changing over my cleaning products to natural options like vinegar and water, Crystal Wash (for laundry), Crystal Deodorant, and Norwex cleaning products.

However, it wasn’t until two years ago that I got serious about looking at what I put ON my body.

In my research I used the EWG Healthy Living app, which is very helpful for looking up ingredients and rating products for chemical exposure.  It’s a great tool for getting info on both food and personal care products.

I pick and choose what I like best from several different companies. Here are my favorites in alphabetical order (but don’t miss the giveaway in #3!):


Cleanser–AnnMarieGianni Aloe Herb Cleanser (smells like fresh oranges and doesn’t dry my super dry skin any further!)
Foundation–AnnMarieGianni Mineral Multi-purpose foundation. This is a little different–it’s a mineral powder you mix with an oil to create your own cream foundation. I use this for a little heavier makeup coverage.

If you want to try AnnMarieGianni, you can use this referral link to get $25 off your first order of $75 or more! Or if you prefer to try it first, you can take advantage of this offer:


My friend Judy–also a breast cancer survivor–got me started on my clean make up journey. Judy discovered and now sells BeautyCounter clean makeup and encouraged me to try it. I LOVE their blush, eye color, and makeup brushes!


This is my overall favorite natural makeup brand! I LOVE L’Bri and I especially love their prices! I’m still discovering new products but here are my favorites thus far:

Gentle Freshener

Intense Moisture Cream When I first started using this, I missed that the directions say to moisten your fingertips and then apply the moisturizer. What a huge difference it makes! It is definitely my FAVORITE moisturizer out there!

Smooth and Firm Eye Repair Gel

Flawless Finish Foundation I use this for lighter coverage days–still covers very well–just not as heavy coverage as the above AnnMarieGianni foundation.

Velvet Touch Eye Liner

I have a fabulous L’Bri Consultant, Tamera, so if you have questions reach out to me through the email on my contact page and I’ll connect you to her! 

Dime Beauty

I recently learned about Dime Beauty Products and I LOVE them! I especially love the Super Eye Duo. I lost most of my eyelashes during chemotherapy. When the chemo stopped only about half of my lashes returned. The Dime Eyelash Serum is regenerating my eyelashes! And I absolutely LOVE their mascara!


What about you? Have you found any clean skin care or makeup products that you love? I’d love to hear about them!

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