Do you ever feel fear when you look towards uncertainty in the future? Your children’s futures? Stepping out into a new vocation? Schools opening back up? Your marriage?

Many of us live with anticipation but also great anxiety about what the future might bring so we work hard to stay one step ahead of our worst case scenarios. And while we are focused on arranging a secure tomorrow, our fear strangles the peace, the joy, and the purpose of today. If you’re ready to put fear in its place, then this episode is for you!

My friend, Katy McCown, is an author, speaker, and the president of She Laughs Ministries. Katy’s husband, Luke, was a former NFL quarterback, and during their time in the NFL, they had to move so many times. Sometimes they had to move the day after they found out! Katy understands fear and she’s learned so much about how to put it in its place. Join me for this conversation with Katy about where uncertainty pops up in our lives, how to work through our fears, where fear really comes from, and how we can filter the fear we feel with the truth of who God is!

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My Key Takeaways:

1) Changing your external circumstances doesn’t change your internal battle. It’s easy to think that once a certain problem goes away, or once you move to a new neighborhood, or new church, you will no longer have a reason to worry. But the truth is that all of life is uncertain and we can always find reasons to fear what’s ahead.

2) There isn’t a magic formula to take away fear; it’s a process. Wow, this is a hard one! I wish I could tell you that fear was easy to deal with and get rid of. But the truth is it’s hard and intentional work. Sometimes our fear is rooted in challenging life experiences where they became deeply rooted in our perspective. It takes time to work through those things.

3) Where is your attention going? One of the greatest weapons we have in fighting fear is focusing our attention away from it. I often say move away from the mountains and to the Mountain Mover. Some days we need to spend less time doing and more time being with Jesus. When we focus first on Jesus, we can filter what we believe to be true about our circumstances by what we know is true about Him.

About Katy:

Katy McCown is president of She Laughs Ministries, a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a national speaker. Through all life’s uncertainties and surprises, Katy has learned some things about “living sure” even when the future is not. She and her husband, Luke, a former NFL quarterback, are raising six children on their ranch in Texas. Learn more at





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