I wish this weren’t the reality we face, but the truth is that anxiety is skyrocketing among people of all ages and stages of life. When you add the whirlwind of teenage hormones into the mix, you’re looking at anxiety amplified to the max.

Joining me for this conversation is Kimberly Sells, a mom of four who lives in Wisconsin near beautiful Lake Michigan. Kim has learned some hard parenting lessons on faith, trust, and surrender during a stormy season of raising an anxious teenage girl. I am so grateful that Kim, with her daughter’s permission, is sharing her story with us today.

Kim’s daughter was a seventh-grader thriving in the world of competitive gymnastics when the pandemic brought ordinary life to a halt, launching her into a three-year journey with debilitating anxiety and depression.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Lessons Kim learned through her daughter’s anxiety journey
  • Insights for dealing with our own strong emotions when we see our kids struggle
  • Why mentors are so crucial along with practical tips for finding a mentor
  • And more!

I hope you find this conversation with Kim as courageous and inspiring as I did!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Our child’s struggle doesn’t have to cause chaos in our hearts. When a child is struggling, there are many emotions that naturally rise up inside of us as moms: fear, confusion, disappointment, shame, or self-blame. Spending time in God’s Word can help us resist the lies Satan attacks us with in this vulnerable time. Raising a child with anxiety can feel like a roller coaster, but we can learn to stay grounded and realize that their struggle doesn’t need to be our chaos.

2) Trust God, the story-writer! God always has a purpose, but we often have to endure storms for a long time before we see glimpses of His plan. In the Bible, the stories of Peter and Joseph give us examples of a faith journey. Like Peter walking on the water, we must keep our eyes focused on Jesus so that we don’t get overwhelmed by the storm around us and start to sink. The story of Joseph shows us how God worked in spite of terrible circumstances in Joseph’s life. We can choose to trust that God is capable of doing this in our own, and our children’s, stories as well.

3) If your child has anxiety, don’t face it alone. Waiting and trusting in the Lord was never easy for Kim, but it grew more bearable because of the support of her friends and mentors. Sometimes, it only takes one person who is willing to share about a struggle in order for others to come forward – honesty begets honesty! Anxiety is a common concern for many parents today, so know you’re not alone. Whether it’s this issue or a different one, sharing burdens and praying for each other is a tremendous source of strength. We are not meant to mom alone – we need each other. Being willing to share with others is critical.

About Kimberly:


Kimberly Sells is a mom of four and married 31 years to her high school sweetheart. She lives in beautiful Wisconsin, only 2 miles away from gorgeous Lake Michigan. She loves sandy white beaches, all things chocolate, and a good conversation over a cup of coffee.





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