With my cancer journey, we’ve obviously had quite a few medical bills landing in our mailbox.  Three times in the past three months, I have discovered mistakes on our EOB–Explanation of Benefits that are sent to us on each claim.

In each case I had received a bill from the medical provider that indicated we owed more than we really did.  Had I not paid attention to the details and just blindly paid the bills, we would have paid more than we really owed.

Sometimes saving money isn’t about clipping coupons or finding great sales.  Sometimes it’s about being a savvy consumer and paying attention to the details.

Here are some steps I’ve found to be helpful:

1) Look your bills over in detail.  One time I found that our satellite television company was charging us for HD television when we didn’t even have a high definition television!

2) When you talk with Customer Service, write down the date, the name of the person you are talking to, and the basic information they gave you.  This helped me greatly yesterday when I found out that a customer service representative at my insurance company had given me wrong information about what hospital was in-network. Thankfully the wrong information had been notated and the company found the note on the date I said I had called.

3) Be kind to whoever you speak to when resolving issues. You’re more likely to get their help when you’ve treated them with respect.

What about you? When have you saved money by paying attention to details?  Is there another strategy you would add to this list? 

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