Third-Thursday-ThoughtsMy friend Amy felt great after stepping off the scale. She dropped fifteen pounds

However just moments later, she saw a picture on her phone of her lying on the beach. She felt disgusted by her chubby arms and dimply thighs. She was near tears as she stared at the picture, taken by her son.

“You looked so beautiful lying there, I couldn’t help it, mom!” he exclaimed.

His comment caught her off-guard.

Her son saw a beautiful woman resting on the beach after swimming with him all day, something she did not have the energy to do fifteen pounds ago.

He focused on how far she’d come while she wallowed in how far she had to go.

She understood then, that this was a triumph to love!

What about you?  Have you ever had a perceived defeat that with a tweak of perspective you could see as a triumph? 


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