Reading the Bible is such an important part of getting to know Who our God is and to carry His truth through our daily lives. But do you ever struggle to make sense of how the Bible applies to your story? Do you ever have a challenging time finding the truth in Scripture that you can carry throughout your life?

In today’s podcast episode, we are talking with Dr. Marina Hofman, a Bible and Theology Professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Marina has a specific passion: Highlighting the incredible stories of truth, courage, and faith seen in women throughout the Bible. Today, Marina shares this passion with us, along with her own incredible story of God’s faithfulness of living through a life-threatening event.

In this episode, here is some of what you’ll hear:

  • Stories you may not have known were in the Bible
  • Incredible truth you can pull from those stories for your own life
  • Why it’s so important to read Scripture consistently
  • Encouragement for growing your faith in your day-to-day life

I loved this conversation and I know you will, too!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) There are incredible stories of courage and faith from women all throughout the Bible. We don’t often hear about many of these stories! One story that we highlighted in this episode was that of the Egyptian midwives. They cleverly found a way to avoid following Pharaoh’s order to kill every baby boy that was born. This took great courage and the solution they crafted allowed them to still perform the job that God had called them to do. Because of their actions, many lives were saved and the prophet Moses was able to be born. How do you need to display courage in your life today? Even in the midst of opposition, how can you stay committed to what God designed you to do?

2) When we read and memorize scripture, we are increasing the Holy Spirit’s vocabulary in our lives. Marina shares a time where she went through a traumatic experience that left her unable to communicate. At that time, God brought to mind Scripture that encouraged and reminded her that God was still with her. Reading and memorizing Scripture is so important because it is one of the primary ways we can carry God’s truth with us.

3) It is during our moments of weakness that God shows up the most. As we walk through stories of women in the Bible, we see time and time again how God shows up in their stories. These women were courageous, skilled, and used their abilities to fulfill the purposes God had for them. However, God didn’t necessarily use women that were without weaknesses. When we know the task we are given is beyond our ability, that is when God says, Rely on me. I will give you the strength and the courage to do what I have called you to do. God wants to walk with you and I and help us live out our stories, too!

About Marina:

Dr. Marina Hofman is an award-winning scholar, professor, and author. Marina teaches at Palm Beach Atlantic University and is published in biblical studies, theology, psychology, trauma, education, ministry, and ethics. Her latest resource, Women in the Bible helps you discover how women in the Bible respond to challenges and took bold actions to bring about justice. As a survivor of life-threatening trauma, Marina is passionate about sharing her incredible testimony of God’s redemption and healing and the hope she has in Christ. Marina lives with her husband, Larry, and their three-year-old daughter in Florida. Learn more at —



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