166637379 (2)Mark and I recently saw a friend we hadn’t seen for a long time.  We asked how he and his wife were doing.  He said, “We’re learning to flirt well and flirt often.”

I loved his answer!  This is a couple that’s been married about 30 years!

Flirting is something Mark and I have definitely been doing more over the past year.  We’ve been intentional about staying connected during the day and expressing our love and appreciation to each other often.

How do you flirt with your spouse?  Here are a few ways to make that happen:

  • Send your spouse a text for no other reason than to say “I’m thinking about you,” or “I love you.”
  • Touch lovingly when you are together.
  • Hold hands.
  • Look across the room at your spouse and “speak” with your eyes.
  • Leave a love note on the mirror written with a wet or dry erase marker.
  • Write a note to him on the rear view mirror of his/her car with a wet or dry erase marker.
  • Hold hands every time you pray in church or at mealtime.
  • Kiss passionately in the kitchen.
  • Ask him to choose your bra and underwear for the day.
  • Remind him what you’re wearing that only he knows about throughout the day.
  • Text him/her about anything throughout the day–what you’re thinking about, things you’re remembering, a song you just heard that reminded you of him/her.
  • Tell him you desire him.
  • Tell her you cherish her.
  • Play footsie under the table.
  • Put sex on the calendar and prepare your heart and mind for it throughout that day.  Send each other texts reminding one another what day it is!
  • Send him a racy email or text. (Make sure his address is in the “To” box!)
  • Surprise him/her with something you normally wouldn’t do.  Catch him/her off guard.
  • Give him/her a card for no reason.

What about you?  What are some ways you flirt with your spouse to keep your marriage at the top of your priorities? 

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