When Mark and I are affectionate in front of the kids, the older ones will yell, “Get a room!”

If they only knew how often we really do!

(Oops…some of my older kids read my blog…I guess they know now!)

It was several years ago that I heard a marriage speaker share that during the years of raising kids, she and her husband would often get a hotel room…for a few hours!

At first, my frugal mindset kicked in. Are you kidding? Spend the money for a hotel room for a few hours? What a waste of money!

But then I thought again. Any amount of money I spend on my marriage is money well spent.  Hmmmm.

Not only that, but in today’s world with options like Priceline.com where you can bid on a hotel room and usually find one for about $45-$50, it actually is an affordable option.

Let’s be honest…we’re all thinking it. Isn’t it embarrassing to check out a few hours after checking in? Most hotels offer in-room check-out so you just leave the key in the room and leave. No need to face the desk clerk again!

Why would a married couple get a room for a few hours?

1) To have conversation without interruption.
2) To enjoy physical intimacy without interruption.
3) To have a mini get-away without having to make overnight babysitter arrangements.
4) To add some spice to your relationship.

So what about you? Have you ever rented a room for a few hours for your marriage? What “out of the box” things have you done to spice up your relationship? 

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