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Men and women are very different creatures.  We think differently, we experience contrasting emotions, and we are physically attracted to completely different things. When you add in personality differences, you really can see why some marriage experts say that the best marriages happen when you make a lifetime effort at studying your spouse. 

This week’s Marriage Monday will look at how men and women are different in what attracts us to each other. 
Mark says…
Jill and I were recently in Orlando at several media events. In one gathering Jill caught my eye and made her way across the room, slipping her arm in mine saying, “I am so glad to be here with you.” My heart soared and I found myself loving being there in that moment with her.

I find myself attracted to Jill when she laughs. I love her laughter. When Jill laughs, her eyes light up, and my heart fills up and I find myself attracted and loving that moment with her.

I am moved when Jill tells me she is proud of me or thankful for me or something I have done. When she speaks these things to me, she has such positive influence upon me. I find myself deeply attracted to her. I also must say that I have found myself deeply attracted to Jill when she speaks honest truths to me with love, sensitivity and grace.
I find myself attracted to Jill when she cuddles up next to me on the couch, when she places her arm in mine as we walk along.  
Jill may prefer non-sexual touch during the day, but for me, well I’ll be happy to take the opposite anytime.  That’s when I know she’s speaking my language.
The other day Jill sent me a text message saying how much she loved me…which is not a usual occurrence for us, but it was one I treasure.
These actions haven’t always been present in our marriage.  We’ve both had to learn how keep that lovin’ feeling.  It’s not just there because we said “I do” nearly 27 years ago.  It has to be nurtured everyday. 

Jill says…
Last week I witnessed my 13-year-old son and his friend ask my husband to have an air-soft gun battle with them.  For the next hour I would stop at the window occasionally and watch the three of them dash across the yard, hide behind trees, and trade partners off and on to keep the competition fair.  
Watching him play with the boys, I found myself so attracted to him. 
It took me back to many years ago when the kids were small and I would watch Mark wrestle with them on the floor.  They loved to pretend that they could pin their dad to the floor and he would let them feel like they were beating him.  
Their laughter and giggles warmed my heart and I found myself so attracted to him.  
When we finish dinner and Mark says “I’ll empty the dishwasher,” something warms inside of me and I find myself attracted to him.  
When Mark gives me a back rub without letting his hands wander, I feel so respected and find myself attracted to him. 
Yes, honey, emptying the dishwasher is considered foreplay for this busy mom!

What about you?  What attracts you to your spouse?  What do you do to keep that lovin’ feelin’ in your marriage?

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