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Content Warning: This episode does discuss challenging topics like child abuse and suicide. Please listen carefully or consider skipping this episode if those topics could be triggering for you.

As a parent, we would do almost anything for our children and strive to protect them from the dangers in the world. However, when my guest took their child to the hospital to get a bruise checked out, he never imagined it could end with an arrest and time in prison.

Matt Everly is usually behind the scenes with our podcast, and not behind the microphone. Matt has edited every podcast episode for us for the last two years as part of my son’s content marketing agency. We are so grateful for his work and talent! In addition to his editing skills, he has quite the story to tell. He’s walked through hardship after hardship, yet he has remained steady in his faith.

Matt is an inspiration to me and I hope he will be to you as well.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The frightening and unexpected journey Matt walked
  • How his faith was tested through this season and what faith looks like for him today
  • Why having a strong community made all the difference
  • How he and his wife navigated such a challenging season for their marriage
  • And so much more…

I hope you are inspired by our conversation today!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Intentionally build community around you. When tragedy hits, you need people in your corner already. When you are in the tragedy, you don’t have time to build that supportive community. None of us can do this life alone and that is especially true when tragedy and hardships come your way.

2) “Be willing to sit in the suck.” One of the most encouraging things you can do is to be willing to sit in the terrible, awful circumstances with someone else. As Christians, we often throw out phrases like “God is in control” and “He works all things together for good” which are absolutely true, but during times of great trial what is needed most is someone to sit with us in the hardship. Words are not always even needed, but it can mean the world to simply be present with us in the pain.

3) Lean on Christ. You don’t have to go through a traumatic event to feel like the world is falling out from under you. There are all kinds of things that shake our world. In those times of stress, hardship, and even tragedy, God is right there to hold you up. Lean on Him. While I don’t wish for anyone to have to go through difficulties, we do come out the other side with a deeper relationship with Christ and a deeper compassion for others.

About Matt:

Matt Everly is a husband, father, Agile Delivery Lead at State Farm, which includes coaching for software development, and podcast editor. Matt lives in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois with his high-school-sweetheart-turned-wife, Emily, and their two children.






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