Mom_EssentialsWEBToday’s post is a guest post by Kasey Johnson who is the author of the brand new book/Bible study Mom Essentials: 10 Words Successful Mothers Live By.

Kasey is also a Hearts at Home blogger and one of her blog hop posts appeared in No More Perfect Moms: Learn to Love Your Real Life  (see the hilarious sprinkler story on page 57 if you have the book!)

If you’re looking for a renewed connection with who you are as a woman and a child of God, Mom Essentials may be just perfect for you!


KaseyHe was in tears as I empathetically explained to my son that he couldn’t join his brothers on the trampoline. You see we had made a deal. He needed to pick up his room and complete his chores for the day before heading back outside to play.

Instead of using his time wisely like his brothers, my youngest discovered his love for Legos and made a really cool truck/trailer combo.

I saw him playing with Legos and I thought about saying something, but we’d been in this situation before and without my constant reminders and redirection he would have never finished his task. This time was different – I knew we didn’t have to leave for an activity and all he’d miss out on is playing with his brothers (but let’s be honest – that’s a BIG deal when you’re 5!)

In our house we have a T-Chart with the words “MUST” and “MIGHT” written on each side.

The musts are things that simply aren’t negotiable – they are a requirement or at minimum a prerequisite to the items in the might column becoming a reality.

I explain it to my boys this way: I must pay the mortgage. I must shower. I must be on time to work. In exchange for meeting my list of musts I MIGHT be able to buy that pair of shoes I’ve been wanting. I might be able to go out for coffee with my friends.

Teaching our kids the difference between the “musts” and the “mights” in this life will help them prioritize their time, talents and treasure.

How to define a “must”:

  • Has a direct influence on your family’s financial well-being and situation
  • Although perhaps difficult to complete, the return is greater than the investment either short-term or long-term
  • Carry with it an opportunity to exercise discipline, focus and/or accountability
  • Directly influence others (in a negative or positive way)

As mothers we need to do the same thing. What are some of your “musts”? Things that simply have to be done in order for you to enjoy your day, or for your life to continue running smoothly?

What are those fun extras, or the “mights”, you get to enjoy when you complete the items defined as a “must” in your life?

Staying focused on the items that need our attention will keep us from spending our energy on activities or (shall I say it?) people, that aren’t a MUST in our life.

We have limited time, energy and resources – let’s use ours wisely and continue teaching our children to do the same! You’re doing an amazing job with all the “musts” in your day – I hope you are also able to enjoy some of the “mights”!


What about you?  What are some of the “musts” in your life?  How about some “mights?”

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