So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Tonight Erica listed off the multiple invitations she and Kendall received to New Year’s Eve parties and then asked if we could care for  our granddaughter, Marie, for the night. Mark looked at me and said, “So Jill, how many invitations did we get to New Year’s Eve parties tomorrow night?” I responded the same way I did last year, “Zero. Nada. Not a one.”

Honestly, I’m a little over one week out from shoulder surgery so I’m really not up for socializing. And the introvert in me is pretty happy to stay home most of the time. The human in me, however, can still feel lonely, uninvited, or left out. 

In this world of social media, it’s very easy to see all kinds of pictures on Facebook of people attending parties and playing games while you sit home with no plans. Of course, you and I can do the inviting…but that’s another post for another day.

Let’s face it, it’s nice to BE invited every once in a while. It’s also nice to know you’re not the only one who didn’t get an invite.

And it’s always nice to know you’re not alone. That’s what I wanted to share with you today. No big words of wisdom. No simple steps to make things different. Just “I get it and I want you to know that.”

I’m also reminding myself, and you, that our value is not based upon whether we receive an invitation to a New Years Eve party or any other event. Our value is based upon the God who created us. His invitation to have a personal relationship with HIM is the only invitation that matters! RSVP that invite and you’re set for life…and eternity! Let’s keep the main thing the main thing today!

Oh and one more thing before I sign off tonight: Did you sign up for the No More Perfect Marriages Launch Team and then never hear from us? Please let me know if that happened to you! We’ve had some technical difficulties and didn’t receive some of the applications. If you applied and didn’t hear from us, reply to this email and let me know! We still have room for you!

Happy New Year!

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