387His name is Topiko.

His sponsor is Keli.

Two hearts knit together through child sponsorship. Two lives changed forever.

Keli decided to sponsor Topiko at a Hearts at Home conference. Her family has prayed for him, written to him, and sponsored him for just $38 a month.

His family has been incredibly blessed by his enrollment in the Compassion program.


Topiko’s mother in the doorway of her home.

Topiko, his mother, and four siblings live in this hut. They belong to the Maasai tribe.

A couple of weeks ago we found out the Compassion centers we would be visiting and we asked Compassion International to look and see if there were any children at these centers that had Hearts at Home mom’s who were sponsoring them.  Indeed there were!

389We contacted the moms and asked if they would like us to take gifts to their children. Of course, they were thrilled to do something special.

Keli said that Topiko wrote about his favorite things in his letters. He said he liked milk and he liked to play ball.  Keli decided to send him candy to share with his friends and family, Nestle Quik to put in his milk, and a brand new ball.

I think the look on his face says it all. He was sooooo proud of his gifts and especially of his new ball.

His mother was absolutely thrilled to have us in her home and she asked us several times to tell Keli how grateful she 390was for her family’s sponsorship of Topiko. She said that through Topiko’s involvement in Compassion, they have been provided mosquito nets, a mattress to sleep on, goats, and a solar light they can use in their hut, which obviously is very dark without electricity.

Even though Keli’s family is sponsoring Topiko, they unknowingly have a relationship with this mother.

One mother partnering with another mother to provide for a child.

It’s a beautiful relationship.

Would you be willing to do what Keli has chosen to do? Will you give your more than enough to a child that doesn’t even have enough?

I’m hoping to see 100 children sponsored this week through this trip. Have you been praying about how God might use you? Will you say yes?

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

If you’re already sponsoring a child, please tell me about him or her if you haven’t already!

If you decide to sponsor a child in partnership with this trip, I want to know! I want to hear all about the child whose life you have chosen to change.

Oh and you have to see the rest of our pictures from today.  Here’s a sneak peek:




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