Have you ever felt like you aren’t enough as a mom? Have you ever struggled comparing yourself to others? On today’s podcast Keli Reese joins me to talk about overcoming mom guilt, the power of surrender in motherhood, and the concept of the “ministry of motherhood.” It’s a conversation filled with wisdom, laughter, and valuable takeaways for every mom!

Mom guilt is that overwhelming feeling of not doing enough as a mom, not doing things right, or making decisions that may “mess up” your kids in the long run. I start out this conversation with a confession of mom guilt I experienced the night before—and my kids are all grown! Goodness!

My primary ministry right now is motheringSome of the highlights of this conversation include:

  1. How to move from asking for God’s help only about the big things in life and move to asking Him for help for even the small, everyday things.
  2. How to rehearse the truth about a moment right when we’re feeling guilty–Keli gives us practical how-tos!
  3. How  to resist the comparison trap because it sucks us into mom guilt so easily.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Ministry in Mothering  (this is where you can find the FREE “MOMments to Celebrate” journal prompts Keli talks about in this episode.)

Moms Called to More Website

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Moms Called To More Podcast Episode “Is There Really Sex After Kids” we talked about!

A Hundred Black Men Organization

About Keli Reese

Keli is the founder and speaker for Ministry in Mothering.

Ministry in Mothering is designed to encourage and equip moms to live out Biblical truths, while in the throes of motherhood. Keli uses humor, transparency, and the Word of God to expose the ongoing reality of anxiety and guilt, and to help moms replace it with fulfillment and joy.

Keli has been married to her husband Ken for 14 years. Together, they are raising their 5 children – Kenneth III, Kameron, Kenedi, Kylan, and Khloe – who are, as Keli calls them, her primary Ministry in Mothering.

Connect with Keli online:

Ministry in Mothering

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