2014ncwebad300x250What is the right size? The right color? The perfect gift for Mother’s Day?

Let your hubby off the hook this Mother’s Day by telling him exactly what you want: A registration to the Hearts at Home North Central Conference November 7-8 in Rochester, MN or a Conference-To-Go you can listen to at any time!

Registration for the remaining 2014 Hearts at Home conference opened this week and we’re excited for you to join us! 

cantattendTell your hubby, “Get me a Hearts at Home conference for Mother’s Day and I’ll be taken care of for the day!  No fretting over what to get me…it will be just what I need and you’ll benefit as well!”

In addition to a conference, has one of the Hearts at Home books been on your want-to-read list? Mother’s Day is a great time to let your family know just what you’re looking for!

Happy Mother’s Day from Hearts at Home! 


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