Today, Mark is joining me to talk about the subject of personal growth. It’s no secret that we did a lot of work on our marriage that we now affectionately refer to as “Mark & Jill 2.0”. But what you might not hear us talk about specifically as much is how much growing we had to do on our own before our marriage could take on new life.

Whether you’re feeling like you’re stuck in survival mode or you’re eager to make a significant change in your relationships, the key is to start with personal growth. Mark and I talk through some practical insights on how to begin your personal growth journey and why it’s essential for your well-being and the success of your relationships.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to cultivate a growth mindset
  • Strategies for pursuing a thriving life
  • The impact of a growth mindset on every area of your life
  • And more!

I hope this episode is exactly what you need to hear today!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Work on Your Spiritual Growth – As a Christian, it’s vital to our relationship with Jesus that we have spiritual growth. (And we can’t become like people we don’t hang out with!) So the key to growing in this area of your life is to spend time with Jesus. Find a Bible version that is easy for you to read and that helps you build a daily habit.

2) Work on Your Emotional Growth – This will be different for each person as we all struggle with different areas of our emotional growth. For Mark and I, we both struggled with our emotions in different ways; they overcame Mark, and I rarely expressed them. We need to learn to pay attention and address our emotions on our own before we take them to another person.

3) Work on Your Skill Growth – This area of growth has to do with our skills as they pertain to relationships. You may need to improve your communication skills or how you resolve conflict, or it might be that you need to become a better listener. While improving your skills will most dramatically impact your marriage, it will also improve your relationships with your family members and friends too!



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