Third-Thursday-ThoughtsI remember the day well.

I’d just found out I was pregnant with our third baby.

I’d been a stay-at-home mom for five years but the plan was for me to use my music education degree as soon as child number 2 entered school. That was just a couple of years away and I was beginning to anticipate the classroom that awaited me!

When the stick turned blue, I realized it would likely be another six or more years before I’d be able to pursue teaching again.

“God, when can I use my degree?  When can I actually be in a classroom?  That’s all I’ve dreamed of for years!”

It was a cry.

A lament.

Okay, I admit it. I was whining.

But God responded to my whine. The response wasn’t an audible voice, but rather a knowing in my heart of God’s answer to my question.

Jill, I want you consider what you do everyday as a mom as your profession. You are using your degree. You’re just applying it to a different job. 

Motherhood as my profession?  I’d never once considered that.

That moment was a turning point for me. I had a fresh vision, a new understanding, and a renewed resolve.

From that day forward, I experienced the power of purpose.

Every day I got up with an excitement to lead my kids intentionally. Not just “take care of them” but invest in them purposefully. I yearned to learn more about being an intentional mom. I read books, started a moms group, and eventually started Hearts at Home, an organization that have been providing continuing education for moms for over 20 years!

bookprofmotherhoodThe vision of motherhood being a valid profession became so strong for me and for the Hearts at Home ministry that our first book was called Professionalizing Motherhood.

When you and I have a sense of purpose, we become more intentional in everything we do.

And that’s the power of purpose!

Today other moms are sharing about “loving your purpose” in our Third Thursday Blog Hop! Find inspiration and a clearer sense of your purpose by “hopping” around to our Hearts at Home Bloggers!  (If you get my posts by email, you can find the links to the Blog Hop posts here!)

What about you? How have you experienced the power of purpose in your life? 

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