Jill: In every marriage, prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in our toolbox. When we pray (together or on our own), we have the opportunity to align our own desires to God’s. We also have the opportunity to talk directly to God lifting up to Him whatever is on our heart.

Mark: In fact, the Bible tells us that God listens to us! In Jeremiah 29:12 we are reminded, “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” We have a God who loves us, cares for us, and hears us. How powerful is that?

Jill: If you are married, it’s important to pray for your spouse and your marriage. For their health. Their fulfillment. The unity you share. The direction you both are heading in. For wisdom.

Mark: Even during hard seasons of marriage, when the last thing you want to do is pray for your spouse, prayer is crucial. Jill often shares about how God’s Word, along with prayer, is what gave her the strength during our dark season to give me “unhumanable love.” That love, combined with what God was doing in my heart, was a huge part of what ultimately saved our marriage.

Jill: Today we want to share some prayers you can pray over your spouse. You can do this in your personal prayer time or during any time of prayer you have together. We hope these help you make prayer for your spouse a crucial piece of your marriage!

Here are some prayers you can pray over your spouse:

(Hint: Replace “my spouse” with your spouse’s name!)

Pray for Wisdom

Lord, I pray for wisdom for my spouse today. I pray that they would experience clarity from You about any difficult situations at work. Give them wisdom for decisions they need to make. I pray that You would give them clarity for whatever today holds. Help them to feel Your presence so they can lean on Your truth and guidance.

Pray for Their Parenting

Lord, being a parent is hard. I pray for my spouse as a parent today, that You would give them patience, grace, and confidence. Help them to see our children for the unique people they are and give them confidence in how You have prepared them and created them to parent well.

Pray for Unity

Lord, I pray that my spouse and I would be unified today. Give us the confidence to communicate our needs clearly, not to assume intentions, and to be one in our vision. Give us the grace to make decisions well and to understand one another.

Pray for Fulfillment

Lord, I pray that you would help my spouse to experience fulfillment in their life and work today. Help them to see You in the details and to feel fulfilled in who you have created them to be. Help them to see the big picture they are a part of today.

Pray for Faith

Lord, I pray that my spouse would develop an unshakable confidence in who You are, and live a life in line with that faith in You. When they are tempted to stuff their feelings, may they bring them to You. When they are tempted to lash out, may they pour out their heart to Y. 

Pray for Joy

Lord, I pray joy over my spouse. I pray that they would experience Your joy regardless of outside circumstances. May their joy also be contagious to those around them. May their joy be an overflow of contentment in their heart. 

Pray for Safety

Lord, I entrust the safety of my spouse today completely to You. Whatever they are doing today, I ask that You will protect them physically. I also ask that You protect their heart. Help them to be wise in protecting our marriage as well. 

Pray for Connection

Lord, help me better understand my spouse today. I pray for the connection in our marriage, that You would guide us both to love each other well. Help us see ways that we can be more intentional in connecting to one another.

Pray for Growth

Lord, I pray that You would lead my spouse on the growth path that You have for them, whether that is spiritual, vocational, or emotional. Help them see the potential of what’s possible throughout their life, and what You are calling them towards. I pray that they would grow and flourish this year, drawing nearer to You, and growing more and more into who You have created them to be.

Pray for Friendships

Lord, I pray for my spouse’s friends and the formation of new friendships. I pray that their friends would influence them positively, and I pray that my spouse feels the freedom to spend time with the friends that are important to them. If there are any friendships that aren’t good for them, I pray for Your divine intervention to disconnect them from those relationships. Give me the wisdom in how to best encourage them in their connections.

What would you add to the list? How do you often pray for your spouse?


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