We all have a story, and that large story of our lives is made up of faith and experience stories that make up who we are and what we believe. Each of those smaller stories are about our past experiences, how our faith in God has been shaped, and where our life is headed now.

Today on the podcast, my guest is Robyn Dykstra, and she has quite the story to share with us! From her time as a Playboy bunny to a miraculous experience with God to unexpectedly losing her husband, and then finding love again Robyn has been through a lot. Through it all, God has shown Himself faithful.

For over 25 years, Robyn’s joy has been teaching thousands of people simple ways of becoming more like Jesus. I actually first learned some of her story many years ago when I read her memoir, The Widow Wore Pink.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Robyn’s incredible life journey that led her to Jesus
  • How to survive when tragedy hits our life like a ton of bricks
  • The importance of having a close community
  • Why it’s never too late for a fresh start

Robyn has such a powerful story and she is so much fun to listen to. I hope this episode is an encouragement to you!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) When we encounter God’s love for us, He disrupts our longing for things that harm us. Robyn encountered God’s love when she came to understand how Jesus had laid down His life to pay for her mistakes. This kind of love doesn’t leave you in the pit of your mistakes; it reaches down and helps you get out of it. That process may happen over time, but God disrupts the longings you have and transforms them into something new. As Robyn says, “To be loved so deeply that someone would lay down their life to pay for my mistakes… it fills you in a way that makes the other junk, the other sin, so much less appealing.”

2) You can’t go through life without others. You were not designed to do this alone. All of us need a community of people around to support us when times get tough, to be there when tragedy strikes, and that we can offer our own support to them in return. Robyn used the example of a pack of animals. A predator never attacks an animal that is in the pack. Instead, a predator will prey on those that are weak and on the fringes of the pack. Our enemy is the same way. It is much more difficult for him to attack those that are surrounded by others who are lifting each other up and supporting one another.

3) It is never too late for a fresh start. No matter where your story has been headed up to this point or what mistakes you have made, it is never too late for a fresh start with Jesus. Anything you have done, He already knows it. You can never be too lost or have made too many mistakes that you can’t come to Him. I hope you know and feel that today. If you’re not sure how to get started with following Jesus, just reach out to me!

About Robyn:

Robyn Dykstra is a teacher, speaker, and author. Her journey took many twists and turns as she went from a Playboy Bunny to a Bible teacher. Robyn wrote about the events of her life in The Widow Wore Pink. Today, Robyn’s passion is to present life-changing messages to help thousands of people trust and follow Jesus. Robyn lives in Michigan with her husband, Dave, and she has two grown sons.




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