Do you struggle to know how to pray? Do you have trouble finding the time to talk with God? Do you wonder what to talk to God about? Do you trust God, but still worry? Or when you’re in a group setting, are you super nervous and find yourself hesitant to pray aloud?

I’ve been right there with you!

The first day my daughter, Anne, went to school, I was so anxious. Letting go of your kids can be difficult. Around this time, my husband brought home a brochure for a group called Moms in Prayer. It’s an organization that brings moms together to pray for their kids and their schools. I knew I needed to do something to battle my anxiety so I called the number on the brochure. Little did I know then how much being involved in a Moms In Prayer group would truly change my life!

This is why I’m so excited to share today’s conversation with Sally Burke, the president of Moms in Prayer International and author of several books. In this episode, she shares how moms can lift each other’s kids up in prayer, the impact moms’ prayers have all over the world, and how the Four Steps of Prayer can guide your prayer life! (Whether you’re a mom or not, understanding the four steps of prayer can be sooooo helpful!) 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Moms in Prayer International Website

[Book] Unshaken: Experience the Power and Peace of a Life of Prayer

Four Steps of Prayer

Connect with Moms in Prayer on Facebook and Instagram!

My Key Takeaways:

1) We can battle for our children and grandchildren through prayer. Sally shares how she has witnessed revival and spiritual awakening wherever moms are praying. She and I have both seen circumstances change in our kids’ lives and schools because we prayed for it! 

2) There is nothing fancy about prayer; it’s just having a conversation with God.  Prayer becomes normal through practice. It may seem scary or awkward to start, but remember that prayer is just talking to God. Like Sally said in today’s episode, “It’s not the eloquence of our words. It’s what’s in our heart that the Lord hears and he sees.”

3) The desire of moms is the same in every culture. Moms in Prayer groups are all over the world. Every mom wants to see God move in the lives of their children. You are battling alongside your fellow sisters internationally.

4) You don’t have to be a mom to pray for the kids in your life.  You may be an aunt, sister, or teacher. You can still join in by interceding for the children in your life through prayer.

About Sally:


Sally Burke was introduced to Moms in Prayer in 1990. Compelled by joy and the hope God gave as she prayed with others for her children and their schools, Sally began to reach out and share with other moms. Today, in her role as President of Moms in Prayer International, her vision remains unchanged – that more children, schools, and moms might experience God’s life-changing answers to prayers. Sally is also an international speaker, teacher, and author. Learn more at



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