You have heard me say it before and I’m going to say it again—words matter, a lot! If there is anything Mark and I see in our marriage coaching time and time again, it’s couples misusing their words with each other. It isn’t only couples, though. We all need to learn how to measure our words and experience self-control with our emotions.

Sarah Molitor is joining me this week as we explore the power of our words. She’s a wife and mom to seven kids (you read that right!) and the author of a new book titled Well Said: Choosing Words that Speak Life, Give Grace, and Strengthen Your Faith and Family.

In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • What our words reveal about our hearts
  • Practical ways to be more intentional about your words
  • Why taking a break may be the best thing for your communication
  • And much more!

Everyone can benefit from this conversation on how to use our words well. Listen in!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Examine what fuels your words. It is from out of our hearts that our words flow. So if our words are hurtful, damaging, and unkind to others, it is because we have a heart attitude we need to address. Transforming our words starts with repentance and a heart change. Whatever we don’t take to the Lord and address will come out in our words and attitude.

2) Protect others from your words. There are times when taking a break from the conversation is the healthiest thing you can do in the moment. When we are worked up and irritated, the words that will come out of our mouths will likely only serve to further hurt the other person. Taking a break allows you to not only become aware of your triggers, but it also allows us to be intentional with the words we’re using.

3) There are blessings, even in places you don’t want to be. Your heart may feel unsatisfied, discontent, or even angry about where you are geographically (like Sarah was) or it may be directed at the state of your marriage or life circumstances. But one of the hopes that Sarah shared with us is that there are blessings to be had even in the places you don’t want to be. If we allow our hearts to continue on this path, we will completely miss out on the joys and blessings God has for us, even in unwanted circumstances.

About Sarah:


Sarah Molitor is an author, wife, and mom to seven kids. Today, she runs the Modern Farmhouse Family community where she encourages, challenges, and prays for women all over the world. Sarah loves candy (but dislikes chocolate) and finds extra joy in photography and baking.





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